Why only few people stay Motivated & What you can do about it?

Motivation – As crazy as it sounds.

Falling down tragically at any venture in our life is one of the most agonizing, embarrassing and scariest human experiences. But it is also one of the most educational, empowering and essential parts of a happy and successful life. An inspiring slogan that sparks motivation – ‘Under adverse circumstances some people break records while others break themselves.’ Dear Reader, Go and check out the life history of any individual or organization that has extraordinary accomplishments. You will find that they have become successful in spite of the tragic circumstances not in absence of them. Tragedy is a sign of life. As long as you exist, tragedy will also exist. There is only one place in this universe where you are free from all the tragedies. That place is cemetery! The bigger the tragedy, the greater the opportunity. Your attitude towards tragedy determines the altitude of your life…..(Download Free Copy To Read More…)

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