Life Transforming  Sessions

Motivational Session

He believes in scientific motivation not in storytelling. He focuses more on tools and strategies rather than proverbs and poetry. He ignites the mind, sparks motivation and sets the soul on fire. He fuels passion and energy in you. He loves “How to’s”. All the theory in the world is useless unless we know how to apply it & make a change. He has always been a very practical person with a great need to know how to do things.

Discover Your Passion

“Build your life around passion and create a history”. Can you show any great accomplishment without passion? It’s impossible. We have become so ignorant of our passion that we have cut off our passion at some point of time in our life. This powerpacked program helps you to discover your passion. Your unique signature strength is revealed in this program. Only Passion can make your dreams come true.

Every Child Is Special

Congratulations! You are a genius. Yes, you read that correctly. It does say genius. Every student is gifted. Every child is a born genius. Poor student is a conditioned response learnt in childhood. This program unlocks The Golden Secrets inside every student and leads him to self-realisation.

Happy Parenting

Parenting is showering blessings like god. It is one of the noble responsibilities one shares life long & to the surprise of many, the most trusted responsibilities in the world. With changing time and environment, innovations and flexibility in parenting practices are mandatory. There comes ” Happy Parenting ” which would certainly help and inspire parents fraternity to explore excellence & delight in upbringing our children. This program is exclusively designed to encourage parents and make them learn how to do positive parenting.

Leadership Mastery

Leaders are made not born. In a cut-throat competitive world which is full of complexities, challenges & uncertainties, leadership skills play a vital role in our progress & prosperity. Visionary spirit, Missionary zeal, Teamwork & Perseverance are some of the fundamentals to become a Legendary Leader. This program discovers the new paradigms of Leadership. It prepares you for the challenges of tomorrow & offers you the blueprint to become an Iconic Leader.

Kalam se seekho

An incredible leader who is the pride of India. A scientist who shines in tricolor. Above all, a human being whom the entire world loves. ” Kalam se Seekho ” is a program which is exclusively designed to let the children enter Kalam’s life and get insightful wisdom. The entire journey of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam must be shared with every student. His childhood, his upbringing, his mentorship, his failure, his success, his contribution, his passion should be taken to every School, College & University. Those who have big dreams must attend this program.

Celebrate Your Exams

Why most students suffer from exam phobia and what you can do about it ?

Eureka ! You can now enjoy your exams. The ‘Smile Through Exam’ is an intensive workshop which gives customised training to the students to score more in exams. The problem most of the students face, is not of potential but of converting that potential into performance. This Workshop makes you confident, resourceful & productive. It will certainly add on to your grades.

ATTENTION! Examination is not the end of life. It is a promotional tool which certifies you to move on to next class but it is never a dead end. There is no correlation between your examination marks & living a successful life at 35.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are life-skills. We are living in an intensely volatile, uncertain, complex and ambigious world where things are changing drastically. New, better & different skills get value & recognition. Soft skills are valuable traits that account for 85% of professional success & personal growth. Emotional Intelligence, First Impression, Interpersonal Skills, Time Management, Job Interviews and all that contribute to your success. This program prepares students to move up from college to corporate and emerge as global leaders. This is an ultimate program to unleash your potential.

Power Teaching

The destiny of a nation is built by a teacher in the classroom. Teaching is all about turning a small piece of glass into kohinoor. A teacher is a role model for students. He makes the highest contribution in shaping the future of society. The ‘ Power Teaching ‘ program empowers teachers with updated tools and modern methods to cope with the learning processes. In this program they will get some better, innovative and impactful ways of teaching.

Career Guidance

“How to avoid the biggest mistake while choosing a career ?”

Career is our second Life-partner. Choosing your career is a crucial step as it is our life-changing decision. One of the best ways to choose the right career is to go by your hobbies, interests, & passion; be it Cooking, Sports, Fashion, Writing, Public Dealing, Teaching, Music, Dance, Fine Arts, Social Media etc. This program enables students to advance confidently in the direction of their dreams & endeavours to live a happy and sucessful life.

Book Writing and Content Development

There is a book inside everyone which is dying to come out!

We help people to pen down the emotions and experiences in the form of a book. We empower them to become Authors.
Remember! Writing a book is the best way to build your personal brand and authority.

Let’s learn and grow together in the world of Authors & Books.