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Why Dr. Abhishek Srivastav?

I failed in Board Exam, I failed in College exam, I failed in Business and the list is endless.
Dear Readers,
Everybody has a painful story. My case is no different. There was a time when my life was shattered and being a student I lost myself completely. I got over the tragedy and turned over a new leaf. I can genuinely feel how scared and horrified a student feels when he experiences failure, betrayal, rejection, exam stress, clash with parents and similar setbacks. I can solve these problems, enhance their productivity & inject new vitality in them. My program boosts their morale & they can grow by leaps and bounds.
A Transformational Speaker You Must Interact.

How can I trust Dr. Abhishek ?

He believes in creating value, solving problems & simplifying the complexities in a student’s life. His hardcore commitment to changing the lives of students is the foundation of your trust in him. You can also go through

  • Feedbacks & Testimonials
  • Workshop Videos
  • Social Media Platform
  • Youtube Videos
  • References available upon request
Why has Dr. Abhishek chosen to become a Motivational Speaker ?

I am passionate of motivating the depressed. I have a burning desire to add value to people’s life. I install a ray of hope to the hopeless. I have laid down my life towards human transformation.
I feel intensely satisfied and contented in this soulful venture. Before I leave for heavenly abode, I want to touch millions of lives.

Has Dr. Abhishek taken any Training, Courses or Education on the topics that he delivers ?

I believe in constant learning, consistent improvement & continuous excellence. I have taken more than 50 trainings so far. I have read over 400 books on different subjects. I have been a sharp observer of what is happening around us. I have been learning and improving day by day under the mentorship of Global Leaders, Life Coaches & International Trainers. I invest most of my time, energy and resources in my Personal & Professional Development.

Shall I/We really learn and grow more after attending his program?

My Programs, Workshops & Seminars are more focused on Real-Life examples, Social Proofs & Strategic action plans. I have developed PSF ( Problem Solving Formula ), Assignment, Framework & Templates. If one implements them consistently, one will certainly bring a tremendous positive change within oneself.

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